3 tourist attractions in Portugal are…

In Portugal we have lots of tourist places to visit. Three of them are “Mosteiro dos Jerónimos”, “Torre de Belém” and “Centro Histórico de Guimarães”.
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is in Lisbon. The place is beautiful inside and out. In one of the rooms has a timeline that compares the history of the place, with events in the world and Portugal. The entry costs 10 euros. But there exist a lot to visit in this monument. You can see more information here and here.


Torre de Belém is also in Lisbon. The tower is beautiful and is very close to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and from another monument called “Monumento dos Descobrimentos”. Worth making the visit of all points in the same morning. You can see more information here and here.


Centro Histórico de Guimarães is located in Guimarães (North of Portugal) where Portugal was born, according to history, although there are also other opinions about the location where Portugal was born.

The birthplace of Portugal’s fascinating. Beautiful, historic, medieval. All very well maintained. Do not forget to visit the castle. There is also a small church where D. Afonso Henriques, king of Portugal at that time, was baptized.
Guimarães tells me a lot because I teach there in 2005/2006 during the school year and visited and drink coffe a lot Centro Histórico de Guimarães. Beautiful place to visit.

You can see more information here.


5 thoughts on “3 tourist attractions in Portugal are…

  1. The places you talked about look really cool. I never been to Portugal. They remind me of places here in the U.S. Which one of these places is your favorite?

    • Hi Christopher,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Because of the meaning and the beauty of the place and surroundings I assume that I like more Torre de Belém.
      I never have visited US but is one country that one day I would like to visit.
      What you recommend me to visit?

  2. Hi Sergio my name Oscar. I have never been to Portugal but it seem like it doesn’t look cool. I looks like a nice place but it seems to boring for me. I would really still want to visit it though. I live in the USA and there a lot of historical monuments and land marks here also. Do a lot of people go to visit these places? They look really nice and I hope that I can go visit it one day.

  3. Hi Oscar,
    First of all, thanks for the comment.
    Seems like you don’t have the same opinion than Christopher, also from US.
    I can’t agree with you because Portugal a really nice country and for sure almost everyone says very good things for our country.
    Also we have some tourist awards, mostly in places in the North of Portugal like Oporto.
    Search for Portugal and you will easily see that I am talking true.

  4. To SergioLeal
    The three tourist atrractions are awesome. I’ve been to the two first tourist attractions. I went there 4 years ago. Have you been there at all. Your right it’s a beautiful. Your blog is the only place that had a tourist atrraction that is very attractive. Here my blog hope you hop on and comment on mine.
    From James

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